Rae Johnston

Rae Johnston is an incessantly curious person with a system-minded brain and a constant thirst for knowledge” 

The Design Files, 2020

Rae Johnston is a multi-award-winning journalist focusing on the geekier side of life. 

The first Science & Technology Editor for NITV at SBS, her reporting appears across television, radio, and online. Rae also travels the country as a co-host on NITV’s Going Places with Ernie Dingo, and a guest host on ABC’s Back Roads.

An accomplished podcast producer and host, Rae has worked on the celebrated shows Harmful (SBS), 100 Climate Conversations (Powerhouse Museum), Download This Show (ABC), Getting It Right, Fraud Files, Look At Me (The Guardian), Fierce Girls (ABC), Hear + Beyond, Take It Blak (NITV) and Queens of the Drone Age.

A leading commentator on all things science, technology, business and pop culture, Rae has worked with every major television and radio network in Australia at some stage of her career. Today, she makes regular appearances across SBSABC and Network Ten.

Rae is currently serving on the boards of both the Telstra Foundation and Swinburne University of Technology.

Previously, Rae was the first female editor of Gizmodo Australia and the first Indigenous editor of Junkee

Rae’s work has seen her awarded the Lighting The Way prize for advocacy and support of the Australian games industry at the Australian Game Developer Awards. The Australian Games Awards named her Journalist of the Year and The Gamechanger – awarded for challenging negative misconceptions about video games. Most recently, she took out the Best Consumer Technology Coverage Award at the Australian IT Journalism Awards.

Rae is a warm and highly professional MC and has worked with the likes of CSIRO, SXSW, The Australian Museum, Sydney Opera HouseOz Comic ConAustralian Federal and State Government DepartmentsThe Australian Academy of Science and The Museum of Contemporary Art. Rae’s events and stage management background ensure that any event she hosts – virtual, live, pre-recorded or stage – runs smoothly. 

Rae is also an engaging keynote speaker. She gives talks on wide-ranging topics like diversity in STEM and burnout to corporate audiences and for public events like the Australian Women’s Leadership Symposium and TEDx. In the last five years, Rae has moderated over 100 panels discussing science, technology, business and pop culture.

An experienced actor for stage and screen, Rae specialises in voice acting. Most recently, she voiced “Janali Banks” in ABC & Nine Network’s animated children’s series, Space Nova. She can also be heard voicing on-screen promos for SBS and in various Australian Government Announcements over the last 20 years. 

Rae is a founding mentor with The Working Lunch program, supporting underrepresented entry-level people in games. She is also an External Assessor with Screen Australia and Film Victoria, helping to fund independent video game development.

A part of the prestigious “brains trust” Leonardos group for The Science Gallery Melbourne, Rae is also a mentor for Science Media Centre Australia’s Indigenous Science program and the Superstars of STEM

Rae is a proud Wiradjuri woman born and raised on Dharug and Gundungurra country in Western Sydney. Becoming a single Mum at 19 fuelled her to follow her passions, and show her son how to achieve his dreams.

Working in casual minimum wage hospitality jobs for 15 years, sometimes three at once, Rae hustled hard for opportunities in media. After a decade of freelancing, in 2013, she got her first full-time job as the Lifestyle Editor of Techlife. She hasn’t looked back since.

For bookings please contact:
Erin Keneally (Manager), Morrissey Management
16 Princess Ave, Rosebery NSW 2018 Australia
+61(0) 2 9663 0100


  1. fang757282287 says:

    She is really an excellent ,intelligent woman and likes such a person

  2. Shahin Eslamdoust says:

    this is your page https://www.facebook.com/rae.johnston.7583 if is you have answer over there.

  3. Prateek says:

    Impressive Rae!!

  4. Julia says:

    I have to leave a reply. It was brave of you to let your friend borrow your pic. And you have got to be the nicest person ever, because seriously, I wouldn’t stand this.
    care to read a bit? And leave the girl , that’s hapilly married, alone?
    Jeezzzz… just 15 seconds and reading skills would do the trick.
    Rae, your work is amazing. Keep it up and good luck! 🙂

  5. Hello Aaroncarterfan,
    I too enjoy abusing the downtrodden and bursting out in “YOLO”s while doing anything remotely exciting. I have not had any luck with the pregnancy scare tactic… I told my ex that I had a sex change and got pregnant but she didn’t go for it. Maybe you could help me make a more convincing story? I did have some luck with telling a bunch of people she gave me chlamydia, but now they think I have chlamydia so that backfired. A almost went with AIDs, glad I didn’t; it’s hard enough getting with her sister “with chlamydia.”

  6. Ono says:

    Got here from the cracked artical. Didn’t know there were comic book reviewers. Sounds like a cool job.

  7. tyb says:


  8. Sebastian says:

    I’ll be honest, I came here just for the sake of knowing the “real” aaroncarterfan but after seeing all your work I truly think you are great! keep going on!

  9. Brian K. says:

    You’re awesome!

  10. Inti says:

    I think it is like the ultimate irony, that Alli chose such a nice gal to impersonate such a horrible person like aaroncarterfan… 😀
    The world is as full of shit as it is full of roses.

  11. mansonBoy says:

    especially in japan where they are as important as the chars..i dont know about other country tho’ cos in my country voice actors are considered voice fillers …

  12. miss_raej says:

    Alli Reed is a very funny writer 🙂

    I got my start in voice acting through contacts I made doing theatre and film work. I wish there was a “sure-fire” method, but networking is important. Try to look for online castings, perhaps?

  13. miss_raej says:

    I’ve never used an online dating site, so I don’t know what “normal” is on there – all I know is that Alli did a great job of creating a character I’d never, ever want to meet 😛

  14. miss_raej says:

    Thank you, Mary 🙂

  15. Louis says:

    Kinda sad seeing so many comments for the “dating profile”, which was a great article,btw.
    But I’d like to ask, how does one get into voice acting? I’ve had an interest for a long time and think I’d do very well at it.

  16. mansonBoy says:

    i also came here from cracked.com…. 😉 but couldnt finish the article cos it looks ‘normal’.. btw good luck on your career.. nice face ma’am

  17. Mary Ramirez says:

    You… I like you. *New fan*

  18. miss_raej says:

    I am still working in a rather niche area of journalism, but the tide is slowly turning. Unfortunately most mainstream media outlets still see it as “kid’s stuff” but I am seeing a shift.

    Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  19. Awesome Cracked article using your pic, but delighted to find that there is at least ONE “A Video Game, Consumer Technology, Comic Book & Pop Culture Journalist/Reviewer/Writer/TV Presenter” in the world!

    I remember 20 yrs ago when ‘real’ entertainment media people laughed at comic books and video games. They don’t laugh any more! Avengers Assemble n’ stuff!

  20. miss_raej says:

    According to google: “Aaron Charles Carter[1] (born December 7, 1987)[1] is an American singer. He came to fame as a pop and hip hop singer in the late 1990s, establishing himself as a star among pre-teen and teenage audiences during the early-first decade of the 21st century.[2]”

    But you should probably ask the writer of the article – I’m just the one who volunteered photos for the experiment 🙂

  21. person000 says:

    hmmmmmmmmm so im not the only person here because of a cracked article also whos aaron carter

  22. miss_raej says:

    Nope! aaroncarterfan exists only in the depraved mind of Alli Reed, she simply borrowed my pictures 🙂

  23. miss_raej says:

    Since I’m not aaroncarterfan, I’d reply to this with:

    Thank you for your message. I am, however, in a happy stable relationship and not seeking anything other than enjoying family time with my partner and 12 year old son.

    Perhaps an online dating site might assist you find what you are looking for? 😉

  24. Dsong0000s says:

    Zomg is it really you aaroncarterfan? I’m rich! Shut up and take my money!

  25. John Ray says:

    Hey there. How is it going?
    Your profile really caught my attention. You seem like a sweet girl worth getting to know, and I’d love to have that chanche.
    I work at a local medical device company as an electrical engineer… What I’m looking for is a down to earth girl who can be a reliable partner. If you are interested feel free to let me know and we’ll go from there. 🙂

  26. miss_raej says:

    It’s all good 🙂 Most people are just discussing the article, which is fine. The very few who think I am actually aaroncarterfan – well, they are just highly amusing 🙂

  27. joequincy says:

    I am so sorry to discover that you’ve had the hordes of Cracked commenters unleashed on you. I fear for your sanity in the coming days. 😛

  28. Yonge Atmodjo says:

    Actually this is a reply for you Ms. Rae. If that is the real person, that would be Jack O’Brien. Chief Editor of Cracked.com…Alli Reed’s boss, hahaha…

  29. Paul Hogan says:

    Tyler. Clearly you don’t know my work. Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles was NOT PART 3. I was forced to make that movie due to contractual obligations. Crocodile Dundee III: Fart Eater, is where the series should have continued.

    All my best

    -Paul Hogan

  30. miss_raej says:

    Thank you, Rod! Your kind words are appreciated. It does take an incredible amount of dedication, but when you are doing what you love it never really seems like work. And when you can finally pay the bills from that work? That’s success to me 🙂

  31. Tyler says:

    There already was a Crocodile Dundee 3

  32. Rod says:

    Wishing you all the best in your career! Looking at your CV its seems you’re really doing well in accomplishing your goals. My sisters a model/actress/writer, so I know it takes an incredible amount of energy and dedication. Keep it up!

  33. Paul Hogan says:

    Whatever Tyler, you fool. Due to that article I, Paul Hogan, will be casting her in my new film, “Crocodile Dundee III: Fart Eater” She will play the lead role of my nemesis, Vanessa von Fart.

  34. miss_raej says:

    ……..you do realise aaroncarterfan isn’t a real person, right? 🙂 Pay special attention to the last paragraph of the “profile” section: http://www.cracked.com/blog/4-things-i-learned-from-worst-online-dating-profile-ever/

  35. miss_raej says:

    aaroncarterfan is an awful character my good friend Alli Reed created from the depths of her depraved mind for this story, borrowing some of my images: http://www.cracked.com/blog/4-things-i-learned-from-worst-online-dating-profile-ever/

  36. miss_raej says:

    The account was absolutely deleted as soon as the article was written.The fact aaroncarterfan and I have absolutely nothing in common (age, location, career etc.) other than publicly available images from characters I have portrayed in short films would most certainly put any potential employer at ease. It may surprise you to learn my publicly available photos have been used for a similar purpose before – but without my permission.

  37. scooter says:

    Fun’s over, Tyler says so.

  38. Tyler says:

    You should definitely have your friend that made the Aaroncarterfan account delete it now if you are currently/aspire to be an on air talent. I mean it was nice of you to let her use your picture (and the outcome was great) but yeesh, news directors can turn on you in a heartbeat if they found that and that is not any fun if you just moved across the country for a job

  39. armando says:

    aaroncarterfan…. you have a website? wow

  40. Jack O'brien says:

    Hi, is this aaroncarterfan?

  41. Thank you so much Dave! Wonder Woman is such an inspirational figure to draw from when times get tough xx

  42. Thanks Adam – although it’s the people like you that follow my adventures that are the truly awesome ones 🙂

  43. Dave says:

    All the best for your career Rae!! Really hope you make it big… Seems like you deserve so much success. You will probably take a few blows but always remember to get back up and stand up strong just like Wonder Woman!

  44. u are awesome

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