Who is Rae?



Rae is a journalist/television and radio presenter, as well as an actor, voice artist, speaker and MC.

Rae is a proud Wiradjuri woman from Kalari clan in Cowra, NSW. She grew up on Dharug country and lives and works on Gadigal Land, Eora country (Sydney).

Rae is the Editor of Gizmodo Australia, focusing on science, technology, video games and “geek” entertainment. Rae is also the producer and host of Static Podcast, discussing the biggest stories in the world of technology and gaming.  Rae hosts That Start Up Show alongside Benjamin Law, as well as the upcoming children’s Indigenous Science series Rewired for NITV.  Rae also occasionally host The Feed and Small Business Secrets for SBS. You can also catch Rae on Radio National’s Drive and Download This Show programs regularly chatting technology.

An experienced actor, voice artist, and MC, Rae tours the country delivering keynote speeches and hosting pop culture, technology, science and and video game conventions and events.

The easiest way to find Rae is via her social media obsession, but for professional inquiries, please contact:

Erin Keneally (Manager) 


T: +61(0)2 9663 0100
A:   16 Princess Avenue Rosebery NSW 2018 Australia
W: morrissey.com.au


76 thoughts on “Who is Rae?

  1. As a journalist and reviewer I’d love to hear whether Rae has stated any conflict of interests.. ie, are there any payments, goods or services Rae has received either ongoing or one-off ?

    I mean after all, researchers are required to state conflicts of interests in the interest of open and honest disclosure. Richard Doll, the highly acclaimed epidemiologist said asbestos was safe, dioxin was safe, 24D and 245T were safe.. and he was believed because he said smoking was bad – it was only after he died it was found he was on the payroll of Hardie and Monsanto and never disclosed he was earning up to 70 times the average wage as a ‘consultant’. Across the whole of his career he took money and never told anyone – and yet because his smoking ‘research’ supported what people wanted to believe he was given a free pass (despite his research, even the smoking stuff protecting his off-the-book employers).

    We need to know for the purposes of transparency whether a researcher of journalist is telling us things they’ve been paid to say.

    • Hi Karl – I’m glad you asked. I’m really careful not to have any conflicts of interest with my journalism. For a period of time my partner was an EA employee, for example, so I no longer covered any EA titles as a journalist.

      I want to do what I’m doing for a long time, and transparency is important to me, so I regularly turn down offers to promote products I would write about as a journalist, and I’ve never been paid by anyone other than the outlet I’m writing/reviewing/presenting for to cover a product. Every review and article I write is my work, my words. I’ve left employers who asked me to do otherwise.

      On my social media accounts I have been paid as an ambassador for Adidas, and my posts are clearly marked as sponsored as per consumer law. I don’t write about Adidas in my journalism as a result of this sponsorship. That’s an example, but you get my drift.

      If you have any specific questions regarding any of my work I’m happy to answer them 🙂

  2. Hey Rae, I’m not sure if it’s you that posted you are going to McDonalds tonight on George Street but why don’t you do a Nuggetfest on George Street and cross the road to Hungry Jacks for even better Nuggets

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