Dear Diary….Mary

Dear Diary,

Last night I had the stangest dream – chicken drumsticks, giant foam fingers, sportsballs and gardening? Yeah, okay then, weirdo brain.

So don’t judge me but I ate ice cream for breakfast. Out of the tub. Hey, at least I sat at the table! I stared out the window thinking about ghosts. I wonder how long before I’ll see one at this place? I only moved in yesterday, I give it a week LOL!

I checked the taps in the kitchen work for the 3rd time since I arrived. I hope I can shake that compulsion one day :/ I threw out my ice cream tub then climbed onto the couch for a nice lazy day in front on the TV, watching the sportsball game until lunch time, thinking about how much I’d love a boat. I don’t think the $577 in my account is going to be enough, somehow 😛

I was already sitting on the stupid toilet when I remembered I broke it yesterday. I really have to get someone in to fix it, I don’t think I’ve gagged so much in my life as I did cleaning that mess up. I checked the bathroom taps (I know, I know), jumped in a hot shower and practiced my sportsball war-cries – it was only an hour before my first day at work (I’m a “Rabid Fan” – my job description includes “Running, jumping and occasionally climbing tress” – for real) but I still had some time to fit in some more sportsball on the TV before the carpool arrived.

It was “business as usual” for my first day. I was tempted to slack off but I should probably make a good impression. Everyone asked me to stay back and clean the stadium after work, so I didn’t finish until 11pm! Everyone was super happy with me though so that kind of made it worth it.

I got home and looked at my messy bed, wishing I’d made it in the morning. Climbing into a neatly made bed is the best. Leisure day tomorrow! I might head into town, meet some neighbours. Or just watch some more TV 😛

Goodnight xx

Mary Jackson

I HAVE to make sure these sink taps work.

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