Dear Diary…Rosie

Dear Diary,

Dreams about shooting stars, ladybugs and bandaids were still swirling though my mind as I woke up this morning.  I really need to get to bed earlier instead of playing computer games until 2am, and actually remember to eat dinner! I woke up starving, grabbed a tub of ice cream out of the fridge, and sat down at my desk. The ice cream was delicious but sweet Jesus if I didn’t shower soon I was going to start dry retching at my own armpits. I wandered out to put the empty ice cream tub in the bin, started heading in to shower when the car pool for work showed up.


Chronic body odour aside, I had a great day at work today. I took it pretty easy since I’d worked extra hard yesterday AND read that book Nessie recommended. Looks like it paid off because I scored myself a promotion! Goodbye Rosie the Papergirl, hello Rosie the Spell Checker Checker. Yes, it is a real job. No, I didn’t know it even existed before today. Computers aren’t always right, apparently. Who knew?

I wish I could afford to hire a maid. Maybe one day soon. I got home and stared at the corner of my bare dining room for a while. I honestly couldn’t remember what I was doing. You know that theory that when you walk into a room and forget what you are doing it’s just God playing Sims with you and he cancelled your action? Haha I had one of those moments! I started conjuring up some poisoned apples while I tried to remember what I was supposed to be doing. The smell reminded me soon enough though – I needed a shower. Badly. I had a cry while I was in there. It was cathartic. Sometimes you just need to let it all out.

I dried myself off and grabbed a juice before sitting down at my computer to work on my first sci-fi novel (my first anything novel, really) “We Are Nothing But Characters In A Videogame” and before I knew it, I’d finally finished it! 152 pages of goodness, with critics comparing it to “Catch a Magic Fish, Cook a Magic Meal”. I’m so excited AND I’ll start making royalties from it soon enough. I climbed into bed at 10pm relaxed and happy for the first time since I arrived in Dragon Valley.

Blessed Be,

Rosie Daniels

Rosie Daniels eating ice cream



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