Uh, guys? I’m not really aaroncarterfan.

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A few months ago my good friend and all-round funny person Alli Reed asked if she could borrow a bunch of my photos to help make an online dating profile. The premise was to have someone that would be considered physically attractive, but have a personality so repulsive that no man would want to go there. At all.

230651Knocking cups out of homeless people’s hands?! Come on, guys – just run!

Alli made the profile, wrote the story, published it on Cracked – and it’s had over 2 million hits in 24 hours. This has led a lot of people to my social networks to debate the article and even ask if I am “aaroncarterfan”.

So here’s a couple of FAQ’s answered – if there is anything else you would like to know, feel free to ask below πŸ™‚

*I’ve never listened to Aaron Carter. The 90’s for me is grunge, grunge and more grunge. It’s still the 90’s, right?
*Since I didn’t make the profile or write the article questions surrounding it are probably best directed at Alli herself – her twitter is a great place to contact her (she’s also a hilarious addition to your twitter feed).
*The profile image is from a short film in which I played all 7 Deadly Sins. This one was, appropriately, “Lust”.
*No, I won’t pull your teeth out or give you a mermaid tattoo. I am in a happy long term relationship and my activities of choice include spending time with my partner and 12 year old son. Boring, I know πŸ˜‰
*Most of the modelling I do these days is cosplay related, but I also do lifestyle, bridal and portrait work.
*I primarily work as a video game, consumer technology, comic book and pop culture journalist. I also work as an actor, voice artist and MC.

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  1. C Moore says:

    The wife and I were rolling on the floor after reading Alli’s article – thanks for helping her out with the pics. My wife told me she thought I was gay when she first met me because I dressed well, could cook, liked musicals, and seemed just a little too nice. After reading the article, I am forced to admit that I am much more relieved to be associated with the gay crowd than with the pigs who obviously were out in force trying to hook up with AaronCarterFan. Well done, ladies! :*P

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