The Workshop Helping More Girls Make Video Games

Girls Make Games started in San Jose, California and quickly expanded into a series of international summer camps, workshops and game jams designed to encourage girls to explore the world of video games. But why is there a need for special camps just for girls? Why can’t they just go to the same ones as the boys? CEO and Founder of Learn District and Girls Make Games, Laila Shabir shed some light at the Sydney camp earlier this month.

Australian Comic, Pop Culture and Video Game Conventions 2017

If there is a convention not listed, comment below and I’ll add it.

How to tell if I’ll be there:
Green = 100% confirmed.
Orange = Planning, not confirmed.
Red = Nothing planned at this stage.

4-5 February RTX Australia (Sydney)

18 March Goulburn Comic Con (Goulburn): Guest

25-26 March Oz Comic-Con (Perth)

1-2 April Oz Comic-Con (Adelaide)

21-23 April Supanova (Gold Coast)

28-30 April Supanova (Melbourne)

29-30 April GX Australia (Sydney): Guest

13 May Comic Gong (Wollongong)

16-18 June Supanova (Sydney)

23-25 June Supanova (Perth)

1-2 July Haven (Mackay): Host

1-2 July Oz Comic-Con (Melbourne)

21-23 July AVCON (Adelaide)

19-20 August SMASH! (Sydney)

23-24 September Oz Comic-Con (Brisbane)

30 September – 1 October  Oz Comic-Con (Sydney)

TBA October EB Games Expo (Sydney)

TBA October AMC Expo (Melbourne)

TBA November PAX Australia (Melbourne)

10-12 November Supanova (Brisbane)

18-19 November Supanova (Adelaide)


Secret – the app that promotes gossip

This week on MORNINGS I talk about Secret – an app that encourages gossip and rumours on social media.

Interstellar: Why the best film I’ve ever seen, isn’t.


I just walked out of Interstellar and felt like I had nothing to say. So, ironically, here I am writing about it.

Some of the best film experiences I’ve ever had took me on a journey of emotions – then left me hanging at one. Be it hope or despair or pure inspiration, I walk out of that cinema feeling somehow changed by what I saw.

With Interstellar I left the cinema in the same state I’d walked in, and since it’s one of the most beautifully made films I’ve ever seen – with great acting, incredible special effects, a solid and very interesting story topped off with the perfect soundtrack – that’s definitely not what I expected.

Because this was a film that took me on a full gamut of emotions. It had me on the absolute edge of my seat, gasping and crying and in pure awe at the journey I’d been witness to. Then all of it was wrapped up nicely, no loose strings, a bow stuck on top, and I was sent on my way.

For all those feelings this film evokes – and it most certainly evokes a lot of them – they are self contained. It’s left me feeling nothing in particular having experienced them.

Except perhaps a curiosity that I may have missed something.

Tech Space – The best apps for taking selfies

In the tradition of Rae Vs The Selfie Nick & I look at the best apps for taking selfies in today’s episode of Tech Space. Subscribe here!